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Рады представить Вашему вниманию новинки нашего производства - сувениры с цветной печатью.

Также предлагаем воспользоваться скидкой 15% на заказ продукции в период с 24 по 30 июня 2019 г.


2019-06-19 :
WHITE Awards – это международная премия в области свадебной индустрии.
В стремлении объединить профессионалов и выделить самых лучших из них WHITE Awards дает возможность заявить о себе каждому, кто непосредственно связан со свадебным бизнесом, чей ежедневный труд приносит непревзойденные результаты, а преданность своему делу – гарантию успеха свадебного торжества.
Нанесение - гравировка по поверхности с затиркой золотой краской.


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We can offer unique glass gifts with Your company's logo or any other image inside.


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(September 19, 2005)


Technir, Russian company, established in 1991, designs and manufactures unique items made of optical glass. Each souvenir is a solid glass block with a three-dimensional engraving inside it. A tiny dot appears inside the glass in the focus point of the laser beam. Such dots form a magic image.

Wу have a wide experience in manufacturing business souvenirs and corporate gifts. Worldwide known companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Forum Corporate Publishing, NASA, Phillip Morris, Ernst&Yang, Xerox, Renault, First Chanel, TNK, TransTeleCom, MSU, Sberbank, Kamaz, Kamov and many othersgave preference to our products. We are able to fulfill almost anyorder for glass gift or trophys.

Technir company is an official gift supplier for the administration of the president of Russian Federation. Gifts made by us were presented to all the guests which were invited to the ceremony of inauguration of Vladimir Putin (about 1700 persons)

Our souvenirs help to keep vivid memory of important events in your life, such as holidays, birthdays and weddings. With your company logo inside they can become excellent gifts for your employees, partners and clients.